Kids Programs

Kids Programs

At Radix we believe in preparing our kids for the healthiest and strongest future possible! Our comprehensive programs allow them to dive into the worlds of both martial arts and functional fitness. They switch back and forth every other day learning the basics of each with an emphasis on respect, integrity and self discipline. We teach them the basics and set the foundation for them to live the healthiest and strongest lifestyle possible.

Kids Boxing & K1 (5-10 Years Old)

We teach our kids the basics of stand up fighting in a fun interactive way that lets them play while learning respect and discipline. Its a hybrid style that allows them to go into K1 or boxing as they get older.

Kids Boxing & K1 (11-15 Years Old)

We teach the older kids new and exciting techniques of the stand up fighting game from new combos to advanced attacks and defense. We start to find where their strength lies and build on that as we start to see what style they’re drawn towards.

RPX Kids

We teach our kids the basics of human movement. Allowing them to grow strong, flexible and agile in whatever sport or physical activity they choose to play. We teach them how to have fun with fitness and help them make it a part of a balanced lifestyle for the rest of their life.