Our Facility - Weight Plates

CrossFit RPX Packages

The CrossFit RPX Packages allow you to take any of the CrossFit RPX Classes, offered multiple times per day, 6 days per week.

There will always be a L1 or higher CrossFit coach taking you through your workout in a fun and friendly group setting.

Options include 2x/week, 3x/week, and unlimited, and also includes access to the gym during open gym times to get in any extra work you need, as well as mobility classes.

Open Gym Membership

This membership allows you to use the facility during open gym times. We have lifting platforms, squat racks, bars, bumpers, dumbbells, pull-up rigs and range of cable strengthening and cardio machines all available for your workout.

Teens & Student Athlete Membership

We believe in giving our students the chance to get into the best shape of their lives at a discounted rate that helps them while they’re pursuing their dreams. Choose which path of fitness you want to pursue, either CrossFit, Boxing, or a combination, and get access to all those classes each week, as well as mobility classes. 2x/week and unlimited options.

Radix Barbell Club

If you want to compete in weightlifting, get super strong, or if you just want to have the ability to pick up your car when it’s stuck in the snow, this is the program for you. At the RBC we take lifting heavy things seriously. This membership includes 3 coached group sessions per week, as well as access to the gym and a periodized program to keep you getting stronger.

EMS/Police/Fire 20% Discount

All membership prices are plus HST in Canadian dollars. Memberships are month-to-month recurring unless otherwise stated. Please provide 48 hours notice prior to change or cancellation of your membership.

Terms & Conditions

If you follow our lead and don’t see the results you’re looking for, we will gladly refund your last month’s membership.