Radix Barbell Club

Specialized Lifting

Whatever your goals may be, the coaches at Radix Barbell Club are here to guide you to success! It is our mission to set the standard for high quality weightlifting coaching in Canada and we have made strategic partnerships in order to allow our athletes to have the best training environment possible. Our values emphasize mutual respect between athletes and coaches which is the foundation of our methodology.

Weightlifting Programs

  • Learn to Train: This program is geared towards first-time students of weightlifting in order to develop basic weightlifting knowledge and physical literacy. The coaches at Sabaria School of Weightlifting will teach the ground level skills and techniques to help increase physical literacy.
  • Train to Train: This program aims to refine weightlifting movements in athletes that possess ground level weight lifting knowledge. This is an ideal program for those looking to train for a variety of athletic endeavors and sports.
  • Train to Compete: For anyone looking to compete in Olympic Weightlifting, this is the program for you. This program looks to further refine the weightlifting movements through a long term periodization cycle based on competition goals. The competition team is coached by Amanda Braddock, Canadian Champion 48kg and Team Canada Athlete.
Amanda Braddock
Amanda Braddock
Head Weightlifting Coach


Titans Powerlifting Mississauga

We are proud to be home to the Titans of Mississauga Special Athletes powerlifting club. We offer coaching for generic lifters and foster a synergy between all training groups so that no one trains alone. We are also committed to growing the sport of powerlifting through yearly competitions and training camps. For more information or if you would like to get involved, e-mail us at connect@radixperformance.com.


Weightlifting Equipment provided by Eleiko
Weightlifting Equipment provided by Eleiko