Specialized Lifting

Specialized Lifting

We offer two different specialized lifting programs at Radix. The strongest men and women in the world are powerlifters and Olympic weightlifters. If you’re ready to become or have already started that journey to becoming the strongest person you can be whether it’s just for you or on a competitive level one of these programs is for you.

Sabaria Weightlifting

Sabaria Weightlifting is the best in Olympic Weightlifting in Canada. With competitive athletes that compete on a National level and Coach Richard Gonsalves who has competed for Team Canada, this program is made to bring the best olympic weightlifter out of you.

Radix Barbell Program

The Radix Barbell Program is designed for those who want to get as strong as they can possibly be, focusing on the three main powerlifting competition lifts of squat , bench and deadlift. You learn the best technique and receive the best programming out there to reach your potential. You can also join our competitive lifting team and compete at meets!